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On Behalf of all of us here at The East Coast Halter Futurity we would like to take a moment to announce something new and exciting that was developed and planned for 2018.

It is currently not being offered anywhere else in the U.S. and we are more than happy to be the first ones that are able to bring it to you. Starting next year at the 2018 East Coast Halter Futurity we will be offering
a new division. Currently the East Coast Halter Futurity is strictly a Halter Futurity that gives hardcore halter people a place to showcase their halter horses and promote the Halter Horse Industry but we also realize with the addition of performance halter classes to most show bills, that the demand for this class and a chance to showcase your Performance Bred Prospects at a younger age is needed more now than ever, so with that in mind we are proud to announce the:

“East Coast Halter Futurity Performance Division”- A chance for Stallion Owners to showcase their Performance Bred Prospects.


1.) The Sire or Dam must have their Performance ROM or have produced a Performance ROM earner for their offspring to qualify for the Performance Halter Division. At time of foal nomination proof of this must be sent in with the paperwork.

2.) In the case we have a foal that qualifies for both divisions (Halter & Performance Halter) at the time of foal nomination you must choose which division you want to show.

3.) Once the Division is chosen then that foal can show their respective Open, Amateur, Youth, and Color class for that division for that year.

4.) The set Division chosen is only for that year. So for example they could choose to show the halter division as a weanling then come back as a yearling and show the performance halter as long as they meet the above stated requirements.

Classes Offered:

* Open Weanling Performance Stallions
* Open Weanling Performance Geldings 
* Open Weanling Performance Fillies 

* Amateur Weanling Performance Stallions
* Amateur Weanling Performance Geldings 
* Amateur Weanling Performance Fillies 

* Youth Weanling Performance Geldings
* Youth Weanling Performance Fillies

* Open Yearling Performance Stallions
* Open Yearling Performance Geldings 
* Open Yearling Performance Mares

* Amateur Yearling Performance Stallions
* Amateur Yearling Performance Geldings
* Amateur Yearling Performance Mares

* Youth Yearling Performance Geldings 
* Youth Yearling Performance Mares
* Open Performance Color Class 

* All monies will be kept separate between futurities. 

5.) Stallion Owners nominate their Stallion yearly. Making all Weanlings and Yearlings Sired by said Stallion eligible for the Futurity if their service sells in the Stallion Service Auction or the Stallion Owner chooses to pay to nominate said stallion. 

6.) If your Stallion sells, you as the Stallion owner receive:

- 1 Free Class Entry of your choosing.
- 10% of all offspring earnings 
- Tons of Free Advertising 

If you as the Stallion Owner are unable to attend the ECHF for some reason you would be allowed to transfer your free entry to any one of the offspring from that Stallion that would be showing at the Futurity. A transfer costs $100.

We hold the SSA online with Professional Auction Service and it runs from January 1st- January 24th. The service can still sell after those dates. Their is no cost to stallion owner if service does not sell. At that time the Stallion owner can pay to nominate their Stallion themselves if they so choose. We offer 2 Options:

- $500 nominates your stallion and you receive one free entry.
- $850 nominates your stallion and you receive one free entry and a banner hung up at the

Every year the Futurity keeps getting bigger and bigger, with more and more entries and we anticipate this year to be the biggest yet with the addition of our new Performance Halter Division.

So on behalf of all of us here at the East Coast Halter Futurity we would like to invite you all to join us and show your support whether it be donating a stallion or showcasing one of your offspring at the Futurity.

As always any questions please feel free to contact any of the Board Members and they would be happy to answer your questions. Thanks again for those stallion owners that continue to donate and make the Futurity what it is and to our New Performance Stallions that are joining the family we are happy to have you aboard!!!


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